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Wow I mean Wow, How did you get to this site, you must have a special connection or something but I’am sorry you can’t stay nope, not, see you latter.  Well since your here you could be a wine lover or just like wine so you can stay. I have a lot of great  information on wine so buckle up and enjoy the  ride it’s about to get deep.  So did you know that some of the oldest found information on Wine found in Armenia is considered to be at least 6100 years old. The process was  already so well developed  suggests that the technology probably goes back much earlier.

I have been I wine lover for a long time now with the differences in flavor, aroma, color all appeal to Me but, the most important is the taste. My foolproof philosophy is if it don’t taste good don’t cook with it. There many and I mean many different wines out there to chose from but some aged wines are full of more flavor and go great with any meal. I love the fact that hand picked wines can be delivered to your front door with no need to go to the local shop to get great tasting wine.